I have to admit to an addiction (at least one).

Try as I might to be a good locavore and restrict as much of my food and drink choices to locally grown, ethically produced varieties as I can… there is one thing I simply cannot give up: coffee.

Coffee in the form of a double-shot pretty-milk-pattern-topped ‘flat white’, to be exact.

Now, of course, the growing of coffee beans isn’t exactly something we specialise in, in this country, much less anywhere within the Western Cape province, so my caffeine cravings mean I’m a long way from being a perfect locavore.

But, experts in roasting and making coffee – now there’s something we do have, right here in our own beautiful city.

Origin Coffee Roasting, the ‘artisan roasters of Africa’, in De Waterkant, certainly know exactly what they’re doing in that department, and if I lived nearby instead of around the mountain in Rondebosch, I’d be stopping in there just about every single day for one of those aforementioned double-shot pretty-milk-pattern-topped Flat Whites.

My eyes are rolling back already, just in contemplation of the idea… (yeah, yeah, I know – junkie!)

Driving all the way into town, though, wouldn’t sit too well on my carbon-footprint scorecard, and I’m pretty sure all the green guilt I’d be feeling would summarily cancel out all of the bubbly caffeinated enjoyment I’d have been hoping for.

So, visits to Origin I have to save for special occasions, when I’m in town already, and in need of a fix. And I’m not in town that often…

So where to, to satisfy my cravings? I may be addicted, but I’m also fussy – and average coffee just ain’t going to cut it. I’m a one-cup a day maximum kinda addict, and that one cup had best be superb.

Imagine my excitement, then, if you will, when I discovered that you don’t have to go to the Mother Ship to be able to indulge in their incomparable caffeinated beverages…

Nope – whilst those talented Origin folks haven’t opened up any other branches (to my knowledge), they do farm out their skills and their finely roasted coffee to a few select spots around Cape Town.

One of them is Knead the awesome bakers of artisan bread located in Wembley Square in town, and beachside in Muizenberg – both still a little far from my neck o’ the woods.

Another, ladies and gents of the southern suburbs, is Jaqui Daya in Newlands.

Jaqui Daya bills itself as a ‘good food store’. They stock local and imported cheeses (with labels to indicate where they’re from), artisan bread from the aforementioned Knead (including wheat-free versions, for those of us cursed with intolerance), fresh greens, dairy products, a slightly boggling mix of sauces, preserves and spices as well as deli items.

They serve reasonably priced breakfasts and lunches and offer freshly cooked take-away dinners (by weight). They have tempting-looking pastries and cakes. And, if that wasn’t enough variety, they also serve sushi.

But, that’s not why I go there…

I go there because, one day, near the latter half of last year, I walked into Jaqui Daya and saw the words ‘barista’ and ‘Origin coffee’ and ‘flat white’ on their menu.

Of course I ordered their double-shot Flat White (R16). Of course I trembled with caffeinated bliss as I slowly savoured each sip. And of course I have been wearing a path to their door several times a week ever since.

They don’t always get it 100% right – but dang it’s tasty. And, with your coffee you get as much free iced (filtered) water as you like. The waiters are fantastic – ever so friendly – and don’t seem to mind that I never eat there, I just wallow in caffeine for a good long happy while.

So, the place comes highly recommended, fellow caffeine junkies… I can’t speak for the food, I have no idea about the sushi – but the double-shot pretty-milk-pattern-topped ‘flat white’, now that’s a winner indeed.

Jaqui Daya is located at 205 Main Rd, Newlands next to Osram lighting Folio Books.  Summer trading hours are 7.30am to 7pm. Visit their website for more info, or call 021 685 5383.

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