Farmstall in the cityUnusually, last Saturday came and went without my usual amble from market to market, and I didn’t stock up on my much loved week’s worth of fresh organic fruit and vegetables (lazy, lazy, lazy girl!).

Well, I hadn’t realised just how addicted to the stuff I am… and how much cheaper it is to buy organic from a market than from an organic shop, or even (if one must) a supermarket – and I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

What I did find, unexpectedly, whilst on the prowl for some organic soil boosters for my new home’s little patch of ground (soon to become a miniature vegetable garden, hooohah!), was an organic stall with just enough produce to tide me over until the weekend comes around again.

It’s called the ‘Farmstall in the City‘ and is slap-bang in the middle of the Starke Ayres Garden Centre in Rosebank.

A little yelp of delight escaped before I could grab a hold of myself, and I scampered over to see what was on offer…

There wasn’t quite as much variety as one would find at market, but it was enough to quell my cravings for a short while. It is, though, rather more expensive than the Timour Hall Rd Market (Plumstead) – leeks cost R10 a bunch, compared with the latter’s R6; spinach was R10 vs R6 a bunch – so I held back in deference to my currently grouchy purse.

But, at least I know they’re there – only a few minutes’ drive from my new abode… for emergency organic rations!

Ooh, and they do have tasty looking free range lamb and other meat (meat isn’t available at the Timour Hall Rd Market, but is available at the Porter Estate Produce Market), as well as selected fish… which was tempting.

Once I’d gotten over my excitement, and stopped muttering excitedly to no one in particular, I started to notice the rest of the nursery, which seems to be quite comprehensive. They even have a little coffee shop which I’ve since heard is quite good – so I guess I’ll be back soon to sample their coffee (oh, and maybe get my paws on a bit of free range lamb…mmmm).

The Starke Ayres Garden Centre is located at 21 Liesbeek Parkway, Rosebank, Cape Town (map). Tel. 021 6854120. The ‘Farmstall in the City‘ is open Wed to Sun, 10.00 till 17.00.  Closed Mon and Tuesday..

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