Metavarsity winter schoolI’m going back to school this month – winter school, that is.

At the end of June (and into July), METAVarsity, a ‘college of metaphysical study’ is hosting a series of ‘Earth healing’ workshops, to be held at the Kirstenbosch Stone Cottage.

Some of the workshops offered that have particularly piqued my interest are:

  • Walking Lightly on the Earth (Susan Dittke, Envirosense) – for those of us wanting to lighten our footsteps on the earth by wasting less, using more sustainable solutions.
  • Journey to the Earth (Liz Eglington, Blue Sky Organics) – Community-based and organic olive farmer Liz Eglington shares her realisation that no matter where we live, or what we do, we are all an integral part of nature.
  • Live your life organically (Pat Featherstone, Soil For Life) – inspirational and practical ways to live your life more organically: low-cost, water-wise, environment-friendly ideas that you can apply in your everyday life.

I’ve already signed up for all of the above, so perhaps I’ll see you there!

METAVarsity Winter School runs from Monday 30 June to Saturday 5 July (starting times 14h00 and 19h00). Each workshop is either two or three hours long and costs R85 or R145 respectively (with the exception of one, which is R25).

You can download the full programme here or visit their website to request further information. Booking is essential.

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