Postberg FlowersHah! I bet you thought I’d already given up on the good green news

Okay, so admittedly I did miss a week… My bad. I blame it on all the bizarre public holidays we had last week, and the fact that I spent the long weekend completely internet-free on the West Coast (yay!)… So there!

Without further stalling (or excuses), here’s the latest batch of feel-good stuff:

‘Greening the greens’ (

The first three South African golf courses commit to more responsible golf course management by joining the Fairways Environmental Rating Programme.

“Managed by Heritage SA, an independent environment rating management company, the Fairways Programme is aimed at creating awareness around environmental best practices within the golfing industry. The programme offers cost-saving environmentally friendly solutions to some of the industry’s biggest environmental challenges.”

While I’m not a fan of golf courses – they suck up far too much water, and make use of various chemicals to maintain the ‘perfect green’ – I do think this is a step in the right direction. And, with three large courses on board, others will surely follow.

Indaba LogoTourism expo goes green(

This year’s Travel Indaba is “introducing ‘green’ practices that will encompass everything from water-saving to waste-sorting stations at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Durban, where the event takes place.”

Better still, it’s not just a once-off but is “part of a three-year strategy to create a sustainable and effective carbon-neutral travel trade show that will set the standard for future events of this kind internationally”

Exhibitors have been issued with an online guide to greening their display (everything from creating signage that’s re-usable or recycleable to providing online brochures instead of printing them) and visitors to the show will be provided with a ‘Green Visitors Guideline’ to encourage them to consider issues such as transport choices, electronic marketing media options and more.

The more green expos and shows there are, the more people are going to question those who aren’t going green. And that sounds like good news to me!

The real Good Life: An entire village turns against supermarkets and grows its own food(

click to see original imageA wonderful story about the inhabitants of a village called Martin in Hampshire, England, who weaned themselves off supermarkets by growing their own food:

“In a bid to become less dependent on supermarkets, the residents of Martin are working together to become as self-sufficient as possible… They work on a rota system and raise their own chickens and pigs and grow potatoes, garlic, onions, chillis and green vegetables on eight acres of rented land.”

Every Saturday, the fruits of their labours are sold at the local village market. Prices are set according to what the food costs to produce, plus 20% – and any profits are literally “ploughed back in”.

Awesome! This is something that could be happening all over the world – providing more and more people with a sustainable way of living, and a wonderful (currently rather rare) sense of community. Let’s see more of this!

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But wait, there’s more! Since it’s two weeks since my last good green news, I thought I’d slip in just a few more happy stories to see you through the weekend:

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