Sunshine SunflowerSo, once again I’m attempting to avoid doom and gloom and here present another heart-warming batch of good (green) news from around the world.

Hemp Houses for Australia (

Industrial hemp crops have recently become legal for NSW, Australia (joining several other hemp-growing states). This is good news because, unlike many other building materials used these days, hemp is a sustainable resource:

“Not only does hemp require less chemical application than some conventional crops, it has the ability to ‘lock up’ carbon in the production phase, thereby making it an environmentally friendly crop.”

It’s also likely to become a “commercially viable building material”, particularly in the form of hemp concrete. And my favourite part: “And at the end of the building’s life … you can fertilse your garden with the refuse or break the material down and reconstitute it into a new wall.”

How cool is that?

Green musicians(

A Billboard list of 10 musicians who’ve done their bit over the past 12 months to make their lives (and concerts) environmentally friendly. Among them is SA-born Dave Matthews who has “calculated the CO2 emissions from every stop on its upcoming summer tour and purchased the renewable energy credits to make up for the footprint left by each venue, hotel, flight, tour vehicle and even fan travel.”. Check out the full list.

Concerts go green in eco-friendly drive (Mail & Guardian)

Also on the entertainment front, but closer to home, organisers of My Coke Fest 2008 decided to make the festival environmentally friendly:

“In Johannesburg, 669kg cardboard, 2 125kg of plastic, 11, 580kg of glass, 443kg of cans and 302kg of organic material of waste was collected, resulting in a reduction in landfill waste of 72%. In Cape Town the recycling drive was even more successful, with a reduction in landfill waste of 91%.”

According to the article, 300 green-T-shirt-wearing people, scoured the grounds, cleaning as they went, and help to “direct concert-goers to recycle their waste at one of ten recycle kiosks”. Rock on!

Planting A Billion Trees’ (The

The Nature Conservancy is planning to plant a billion trees in an effort to rebuild Brazil’s Atlantic Forest:

“Sponsored by Penguin Classics and Planet Green, the Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees Campaign will support efforts to restore and plant one billion native trees on 2.5 million acres and connect more than 12 million acres of new forest corridors in the Atlantic Forest ? in the next seven years.”

I can’t even begin to picture that many trees…

Right, so, that’s the lot, this time around. Check in next Thursday for another round of good (green) news. Oh, and if you’re just looking for a bit of generally good news, check out the Mail & Guardian’s good news page (thanks for the link, Dax!).

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