Normally, if you saw crowds of people with teabag foil pressed to their eyes, staring intently up at the sun, you might be tempted to pinch yourself and vow never to drink that much Red Bull again in one sitting.

But every now and again staring at the sun is to be considered entirely normal behaviour, teabag foil notwithstanding, and tomorrow is likely to be one of those times.

A friend of mine who works at the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) in Observatory (yup, that is how the suburb got its name) looking after the South African Space Portal, amongst other things, just mailed me to say that we’re in for a partial solar eclipse tomorrow afternoon:

The partial solar eclipse on Friday will occur from 13:21 to 16:25 in Cape Town. Maximum coverage will be 71%.

The public has been invited to the SAAO (Cape Town) to join in the viewing. There will also be viewing sites at MTN Sciencentre and the Cape Town Planetarium.

If you’re planning to check it out, first visit this page on the SAAO website. It gives more detailed information on how to view an eclipse safely (teabag foil will work, but is probably not ideal).

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