It’s Green Drinks time again, on this side of the mountain (Newlands), and this month climate change is the hot topic (ahem, so to speak).

Time for a bit more sincerity (though not without the all so human endeavour of Robert Zipplies to cycle around South Africa). These awesome Cape Town individuals are pioneers in public awareness on climate change – if you want a quick snapshot of what’s really happening in Cape Town with regards to Copenhagen and at home, then this is it. GET ACTIVE…BRING A PEN.

Here’s what’s on the cards for the evening: a convivial gathering of like-minded individuals (or curious onlookers), plenty of wine, and the following four speakers:

Samantha Bailey –
‘Learn about’s campaign to inspire creative civic action globally on Oct 24th that sends a strong, unified message to our leaders to develop an international climate treaty that meets the requirements the latest science, plus hear about the very colourful Cape Town actions planned!’

Leonie Joubert – journalist and writer
‘Many poor communities are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, even though their contribution to the pollution causing climate change is negligible. Are we thinking about these communities, as they face the new threat of climate change along with other converging environmental and socio-economic crises?

Robert Zipplies – author and activist
‘Editor of “Bending the Curve, Robert is turning his attention to bringing awareness of climate change to the broader community by embarking on an epic cycle ride around the country on an eezeebike.. …”

Brenda Martin 90×2030
www.90× and
Brenda will talk of the activities of Project 90×2030 and the work being done by her organization and the Goedgedacht Trust.

VENUE: The Josephine Mill, Newlands, Cape Town (map).  DATE & TIME: Monday 19 October from 6.30pm.

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