Green Drinks Newlands, as so many of you know, is a monthly gathering of greenies and interested parties at the lovely Josephine Mill.  This year, the gatherings are broadly themed into the elements, and February’s theme is Earth:Food.

Food being one of my very favourite enthusiasms, of course I couldn’t resist getting involved and had the privilege of helping to organise this month’s event.  It’s on tonight from 6.30pm, and I think the lineup will appeal not just to greenies, but to anyone interested in finding out more about food provenance – getting to the source of the food you eat.

Here are the details:


Dear Friends
Here we go again with the first of ten gatherings this year…This one celebrates and questions our connection with nature through food – where and what is the progeny and purpose of our nourishment. An awareness of food from its biological to political… we are back on the PechaKucha format – short presentations from some interesting do-ers, be-ers and activists

SFMC_logo_highresSlow Food Mother City
Slow Food Mother City is a local convivium (chapter) of the international Slow Food movement.
Celebrating good food in Cape Town is what SFMC is all about. Sharing their passion for local produce, food artisans and seasonal eating, the new convivium is organising a series of relaxed foodie events throughout 2010. Hear about what’s planned, and find out more about projects supported by SFMC, such as the Cape Town CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and a soon-to-be-launched open seed network.

wildorganicsWild Organics
In addition to operating a city-wide organic box scheme, Wild Organics also offers foodies an old style organic shopping experience in the heart of Woodstock’s heritage area. In addition to fresh organic fruit and vegetables, Wild sells free range meat, cheeses and pickles, and serves meals on selected days of the week.

HeartLogo2Heart Global – Food Tents
Millions of South African children go hungry every day. In response to this ever increasing crisis, Foodtents offer a sustainable, cost-effective, low maintenance solution to provide those most in need with fresh vegetables on an ongoing basis.  Find out how Heart Global’s revolutionary, make-shift greenhouses are helping communities source and secure supplies of nutritious food.

Kwalapa is an organic wholefoods store in Newlands, sheltered under a very large tree. It’s a place for people to meet, share ideas, experience delicious organic foods and dip in / become part of a fantastic way of life.  Kwalapa is telling the story of food, from farm to table, reconnecting conscious eaters with where, when and how their food was created.

If you too would like to share your dreams or what you do, please let us know ( Make a presentation in the future…. and become a part of a growing, conscious–living community. Share knowledge, wisdom, skills, hope, and enthusiasm.

Map and further details:

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