josephine millSo, things are winding down, and the last Newlands Green Drinks of this crazy year will be held this evening at Josephine Mill… No talks, just fun and music, and a laid back evening:

Well, it’s the end of the year, and on a lighter and more musical note we will host the last Greendrinks of the year at the Josephine Mill on Monday 21st December.

For those of you around please join in, bring friends, an open heart and a bit of your awareness. Have a chat and a laugh. You never know whom you may meet!!

No talks this time, but we have some entertainment lined up from an extraordinary young Cape Town band, Holiday Murray, who will play a short set at about 8pm. (

This time we are organizing very little. Please participate in this collective endeavour by bringing along your favourite drink and some nibbles to share. There will be drinks for sale as well if you forget.

DATE & TIME: Monday 21st December 2009 18h30 onwards
VENUE: The Josephine Mill, Newlands, Cape Town (map)

(……and the end of the year)

BRING An open mind, a good attitude, some friends
JOIN email

(more about the Green Drinks concept)

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