Green Drinks Newlands, as you probably already know, is a monthly gathering of greenies and interested parties at the lovely Josephine Mill.  The event is on tonight (15 March 2010) from 6.30pm.

This year, the gatherings are broadly themed and the topic for March is Energy:

ASPO South Africa

Roger Diamond will speak about the work and current thinking of the South African Branch of The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, a Global group monitoring our decent from oil dependency and the implications resulting from the turning point of cheap oil.

The Institute for Zero Waste

Muna Lakhani will give a brief “state of the nation” update on the politics and intrigues of the Nuclear lobby and the role of nuclear in the future energy mix in South Africa.


Reinhold Viljoen will give a perspective on the state of play of the alternative energy market in South Africa: – Eskom, Nersa, feed in tariffs and the state of applications for the roll-out of wind, concentrating solar and other alternative energy technologies.

Alt-e Technologies

Tendai Shumbayaonda of Alt-e technologies, a commercial supplier of alternative energy and sustainable energy technology will give some real, current and practical information on what’s available, where to get it or how to get it done…Want a solar thermal hot water system, PV lighting or advice on how to uncouple your life from Eskom?

Map and further details:

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