I absolutely love the sound of what’s on at Green Drinks (the Newlands version) this evening…

Rim of Africa – ‘a walk of no ordinary proportion’

Galeo Saintz and Ivan Groenhof are pioneering an epic walking trail from Cedarberg to Outeniqua along the crescent of mountains forming the southern edge of Africa.

More than a walk, the experience embodies a journey through wilderness and the freedom of a mountain passage. Symbolically and metaphorically the walking in mountains maps the journey of self. Old San trails, the spirit of ancestors, snow proteas, misty mountaintops, crystal streams and aching feet….

It’s not just another hiking trail, it’s also an ambitious conservation programme that aims to conserve the scenic beauty of the entire route and thereby maintain the fauna, flora and natural heritage of the area.

The full trail, when completed, will span a distance of around 650km (about 48 days), which hikers can do one stage at a time.  The first stage (11 days) has just been opened for bookings… so if you’re keen to find out more, stop in at Green Drinks this evening and see for yourself!

Green Drinks is on this evening at Josephine Mill, Newlands.  Starts at 6.30pm, with talks kicking off at 7.30pm.  Wine and snacks available at reasonable prices.

(more about the Green Drinks concept)

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