Green Drinks Newlands is on tonight, after a bit of a winter hiatus.  If you haven’t been, Green Drinks is a (more or less monthly) gathering of eco-minded folks at the beautiful Josephine Mill in Newlands.  A few experts (or enthusiasts) are asked to share their stories and knowledge, and a general discussion ensues.  It’s informal, informative and fun, especially if you’re particularly interested in the topics being highlighted (more about the Green Drinks concept here).

This time it’s the turn of the ‘water wizards‘, people in Cape Town who are knowledgeable about water, from a variety of different angles.

Here’s the official lineup:

Hannah Baleta is a PhD Candidate University of Cape Town – “Public and Private Sector Water Risk in Small Towns
She will talk on the concept of “Shared water risk”, a term which is being increasingly used in the corporate sector. What does this look like? Who is the shared risk with? How do governments view water scarcity risk? And what does this mean for future collaboration? As a member of the Young Water Professionals she will let us in on what this organisation is about.

Dr Kevin Winter of Environmental & Geographical Science at UCT has been active in drawing attention to the city’s waterways, particularly through the annual Peninsula Paddle from Muizenberg to Milnerton. He would like to share his experiences and continue the conversation.

“What can we do about Cape Town’s urban waterways: the Peninsula Paddle”

  • Cape Town’s waterways are growing social and environmental concerns;
  • The state of Cape Town’s waterways: a failure of society and its citizens to deal with land use and ecology
  • The Peninsula Paddle attracts a growing number of paddlers, celebrities and media: one way to start to conversation and build advocacy
  • Some results: tons and tons of water hyacinth and solid waste were cleared from Cape Town’s waterways since February this year.

It’s a fun talk but with a serious challenge.  For more info, have a look here.

Caron von Zeil is the Founder and Director of RECLAIM CAMISSA

RECLAIM CAMISSA aims to implement a programme that will allow people to gather around the common heritage of CAMISSA. The very waters that defined the location of Cape Town, reflecting the public past and embracing a new civic infrastructure – this time inspired by a deliberate recognition and respect for the social, cultural and ecological significance of this water – as a means to address the environmental challenges faced in our future.  Find out more on the RECLAIM CAMISSA Facebook page.

Green Drink – Event Details:

When:  Monday 27 August 2012.  6.30pm (talks start at 7pm)
Where: Josephine Mill, Newlands  
(Map and further details:

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