I’m really enjoying the talks that Tony Davenport has been organising for the monthly Green Drinks at Josephine Mill.

Last month he asked me to talk about Mother City Living, and although it wasn’t my most shining public-speaking moment (I’m a writer, after all – not an orator!), I was really amazed at how many people came up to chat with me afterwards, to find out more.  They were genuinely interested in what it was all about.

My three fellow speakers that evening were Gail Jennings of Mobility Magazine, Marian Goodman of the Freewheeling Festival and Marijke Honig of Beyer Honig landscaping.

I particularly loved Marijke’s beautiful photos of her water-wise landscaping projects, and found her innovative ideas for “living tapestries” especially interesting.  Living tapestries are a creative way of incorporating living, growing plants (hydroponically maintained) into vertical spaces.  The mockups she showed us were spectacular, and I hope the project takes off!

And tonight it’s Green Drinks (Southern Suburbs) again, and here’s what’s on the cards:

Rob Small of Abalimi will give a brief talk on ‘Urban micro-farming , the most radical way to create household and city sustainability – and the danger of allowing our protected Phillipi Horticultural Area (PHA) to be compromised’.

Cape Town’s Phillipi agricultural potential appears to be under threat from property development. Come and hear what Rob has to say and enjoy the company of others.

Monique Schiess, the heart and mind behind AfrikaBurn will give a “Pecha Kucha” presentation on “AfrikaBurn”, the radical self-expression creative Karoo festival.

Prepare to be challenged. The participation festival which allows individuals to awake from the slumbers of urbane consumerism and engage in some free thinking. All within a “gifting economy”.

So, if you’re keen to mingle with some like-minded folk, and hear some interesting talks, come along to Green Drinks tonight.  It all gets started at around 6.30pm, with the talks kicking off at 7.30pm or so.  See you there!

PS. Pecha Kucha (Japanese for the ‘sound of conversation’) is a forum in which creative work can be easily and informally shown. Each presenter is given 6 minutes and 40 seconds to say their bit using a presentation format broken down into 20 slideshow images, each shown for 20 seconds each. It keeps things short and focused, and it’s amazing what you can learn in so little time. If you have something you’d like to share, get hold of Tony (greendrinks@josephinemill.co.za) and he’ll hook you up with your 6 minutes and 40 seconds of fame.

EVENT INFO: Green Drinks (Southern Suburbs) takes place every third Monday of the month at Josephine Mill, 13 Boundary Road, Newlands.  Contact greendrinks@josephinemill.co.za for more info.

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