Green Advice

Going ‘green’ isn’t always as easy as you’d think – so many choices that it’s sometimes difficult to know which ones are best (or best suited to your particular needs).

But where there’s a gap, the entrepreneurs step in… experts in the field of greening, whether it be your home or work environment (or both).

So, I’m starting to put together a list of green consultants, or folks who are knowledgeable in various fields of ‘greening’. If you own or run a ‘green’ consultancy, let me know, and I’ll add you.

greendoorGreen Door Sustainable Living (Cape Town based)

“Borne out of a deep love and concern for our shared earth, our dream is to contribute to a safer, healthier planet by helping homes and small businesses to reduce energy consumption and waste, use and re-use sustainable products, and recycle wherever possible. ”

A typical programme includes: recycling solutions, water saving strategy, energy audit and saving devices, carbon footprint analysis and offset opportunities, and loads of unbiased advice and recommendations on suitable enviro friendly products and services appropriate to your home or business requirements.  Green Door also offers   staff enviro education, project management services and ongoing support for all clients. 


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