Things Organic

I am a huge fan of all things organic and sustainable – from fresh foods to locally-made community-promoting products, and am constantly on the lookout for new sources to feed my green cravings.

This is my growing list of places I go to get my fix.

Organic Markets

Finding organic food and produce is getting easier and easier. This growing is of various markets in and around Cape Town, from the small informal community-run produce markets, to the bigger, more organised (but busier) kind.

Organic Box Schemes

For those who don’t necessarily have the time to scour the markets for the best produce. These great box schemes allow you to order in advance and have the organic goodies delivered right to your door! You’ll not only get a great variety of food – it’s all organic and supports the local organic farmers, too.

Other Organic Products

Going organic extends further than what you eat.  Consider the chemicals you’re exposing yourself to every single day in the form of chemical-loaded cleaning agents and even the stuff you’re putting directly onto your skin.

This is a growing list of suppliers of earth- and person-friendly non-food products – some organic, all natural.

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