Enviropaedia ‘Sustainable Lifestyle Guide’A little while back I bought ‘The Enviropaedia‘, a rather large book (fear not: it’s printed on SAPPI’s sustainably harvested ‘triple green’ paper) dedicated to environmental and sustainable issues in South Africa in particular, and the world in general.

I’ve only managed a tiny fraction of it so far, but the part that has the most immediate relevance to all of us is a smallish section at the back – the ‘Sustainable Lifestyle Guide’.

This section gives readers advice and tips on how to ‘be the change you want to see’ – everything from how to green your home (and save money doing so), why it’s so important to shop locally, how to travel responsibly, and much more.

Happily, for those who aren’t likely to buy the book there just happens to be a fabulous online version of it right here.

The guide is interactive, with sections dedicated to sustainable living advice ‘@home’, ‘@work’, ‘@play’, in ‘@ction’ and ‘on the move’.  Plus, you can download the sections you’d like to explore further offline.

Pretty cool indeed.   (via Treevolution)

PS.  In finding the online guide I also discovered that, as it happens, the entire Enviropaedia is also available online, and I needn’t have bought it.  But I reckon a bit of time away from the steaming laptop is probably a good thing (I wonder how spending hours online compares with paging through a book… but that’s a topic for another day).


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