How cool is this?

We’re all becoming more aware (one hopes) of the impact that our printing has on the environment – that being, of course, that the more you print, the more trees are required to provide the paper on which you’re inking your documents.

And so it should be. But what about the ink itself?

Well, that certainly has its own impact, but now, thanks to some innovative folks in the Netherlands, there’s something we all can do, quickly and easily, that will substantially reduce the amount of ink used every time we print:

Looking beyond paper, Dutch creative agency Spranq has developed a new font called the Ecofont that’s designed to extend the life of ink cartridges and toner.

Setting out to explore how much of a letter could be removed while maintaining readability, the group found that the best results were achieved using a font in which tiny circles were intentionally left blank in the middle of each line, much like Swiss cheese.

The result is based on the Vera Sans, an open source letter, and uses up to 20 percent less ink than traditional fonts, Spranq says. Available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, it’s also free to download and use.

(via Springwise)

Up to 20% less ink! Now that’s definitely worth the few moments it takes to download and install, don’t ya think?

Visit to find out more.


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