Olive Oil by the side of the roadI’ve stopped buying my olive oil from supermarkets. Why should I, when so many other more direct sources exist?

For a while I’d bring my own bottle and buy the stuff on tap at the Porter Estate Produce market (it’s around R55 for 500ml, an extra R5 or so if you don’t have your own bottle), but sadly haven’t seen that stall that last few times I’ve been there – so I’ve been looking for an alternative.

And so it was that on my way back from that market last Saturday, I allowed myself to be distracted by a sign advertising ‘Olives & Olive Oil’ by the side of Spaanschemat Road (just after the River Cafe, on your left, going back towards town).

Nestled a little away from the road is a large wendy-house containing olives and olive oil from Hillcrest Estate. The extra virgin olive oil goes for R55 for 500ml (the same as the on-tap stuff at the market), or a more economical R75 for a litre.

To say I am a fan of good olive oil would be an understatement – I just can’t get enough of the stuff – so of course I went for the litre option.

It’s fresh, it’s tasty, and it’s local. Plus, I didn’t have to plod through aisles to find it – which is always an incentive for me.

Hillcrest, by the way, is a farm out in Durbanville, producing both wines and olives. They are a member of SA Olive, a voluntary industry association representing the interests of the South African olive industry, and have won quite a few awards for their olives and olive oils.

I’ll definitely be stopping in there again, and next time I’ll be trying out some of their award-winning calamata olives, methinks…

The Uitzicht Farmstallis located on the side of Spaanschemat Road, opposite the large open field often used for horse-riding. The contact listed on the Hillcrest website is James 083 480 4457. The stall is open every weekday during the day, and on Saturday morning (I meant to make a note of exact times, but forgot and will have to update this when I next stop in).


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