Most people have cravings for normal things, like chocolate, or peanut butter or even sour worms (ouch – feel that reflex kick in!).

Some take it to the levels of severe addiction (you folks who line up outside Vida E Caffe in Gardens before it’s even open – I’m talking about you), others merely dabble, indulging their cravings as and when the need arises.

Either way, it’s relatively easy to satisfy your gustatory desires when they’re for the simpler things in life. Chocolate, coffee, peanut butter – all available 24/7. I, however, have recently become addicted to a more unusual, somewhat less readily available foodstuff: seaweed.

Not for me those late night/early morning dashes to the nearest convenience store, oh no, I must either stock my cupboards with sheets of seaweed (yes, you can eat them just like that), or hope that my cravings happen at opportune moments, when restaurants and posh shops are open for business.


So, last night, when the craving, the NEED for this noble food suddenly arose, I rejoiced in the fact that I wouldn’t have to raid my stash of dry sheets, I could head out into the great world of miso soup and sushi platters and indulge myself.

Having sworn never again to set foot in another Cape Town Fish Market (CTFM), after my last experience, I resolved to find another, friendlier place, preferably as nearby as possible (when such a craving strikes, it must be satisfied forthwith!).

And so it was that I found myself perched on a comfy stool at Wasabi, in Constantia, delighting in a bowl of tasty miso soup (man, it was good), followed by a modest portion of california rolls (budget outweighed my lust, though it was ever so hard not to order more).

Lanterns At Wasabi

I’d been worried, being Constantia, that the prices would be horribly inflated, but they were pretty much in line with most decent sushi places I’ve been to (R26 for a 4-piece california roll portion, R19 for miso soup), and the quality of the sushi was really good (certainly better than CTFM, but that’s not too hard to manage).

And being there on my own wasn’t as daunting as I thought it might be – they have a ‘sushi bar’ where you can sit quietly watching the sushi chefs do their thing (or the beautiful fish in the well-kept tanks behind them – not on the menu, presumably).

They also have the best mineral water I’ve ever tasted (yes, I’m one of those people who does believe that water has different tastes) – apparently they filter it themselves, using a special inhouse system. And, states the menu, they do their very best to work with organic products wherever possible. So, that’s all good.

The decor is lovely – striking lantern-shaped lamps hanging from the ceiling and lots of dark wood and bamboo give the place a relaxed, warm feeling that makes you want to stay there for hours. And, importantly, the waitrons are genuinely friendly.

I didn’t try any of the other very tempting options on their menu (they’re not just a sushi place – they do have plenty of other delicious looking dishes), but I will definitely be back very soon to do just that.

Wasabi is in Constantia Village, in the ‘old village’ section (the one with the Spar, Mugg&Bean and Primi Piatti etc). They have a good website with menus, virtual tours and more. Tel: 021 794 6546.

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