Where I’ve been… backpacking in Europe.As you may have noticed, there’s been no activity on Mother City Living for some time now. Of course, I should probably have mentioned the fact that I was going on a 3-4 month trip overseas before I upped and vanished, but such was the excitement of the venture that I clean forgot.

And then, naturally, the longer I left it the sillier it seemed to announce that I wasn’t in the Mother City and wouldn’t, therefore, be able to write about the kind of things that interest me when I am here. So, I said nothing. Instead, I travelled and wrote about that experience somewhere else.

But, my overseas travels are now over, and I can say with absolute and ecstatic honesty that nowhere I have been is quite as beautiful as our own glorious Cape Town. I am spectactularly fired up to get back to doing things Capetonian, visiting my old haunts (and finding new ones), discovering new sources of things organic, and checking out what’s on in the Mother City.

That should keep me busy enough to stop me going anywhere outside the country again (and horribly neglecting MCL) for quite some time.

Please bear with me as I bring MCL back up to speed, dealing with quite a few glitches that appear to have popped up willfully in my absence (photos disappearing and an inability to save any changes made to my ‘Events Calendar’ being just two of many rebellious signs of complete and utter disobedience on my blog’s behalf).

Let the summer begin!

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