So, the weekend before last I decided I’d go and check out the brand new Kalk Bay ‘Fresh Etc’ Market – rather hard to resist when it’s billed as the place to discover ‘virtuous delicacies, sumptuous treats and salubrious curiosities’.

Mmmmmm… and besides, I love Kalk Bay at the best of times, and taste-testing home-made delicacies at a food and craft market always sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer Sunday (okay, any Sunday – anyone else think I might have a market fetish?).

Ahem, anyway, so my mom and I meandered along the main road into Kalk Bay around 9.30am or so. There was little to no traffic, which surprised me, and we found a parking spot not even a block away from the market entrance (which surprised me even more).

Obviously, it’s not peak season yet, but it seems that, for the time being, it’s still pretty easy to get in and out of Kalk Bay, and even to find somewhere to park – hallelujah!

The market is fairly small, with a variety of stalls, some in front of and the rest inside the Community Centre Hall. To my great glee, Gerald the bee whisperer was there, with bottles of his Splendiferous Honey (lucerne honey is the seasonal variation right now), some of which I duly snapped up!

There was a fruit and vegetable stall outside, but the produce wasn’t organic (though she said no pesticides were used), and wasn’t quite as fresh as the stuff I’m used to seeing, so I decided not to buy any this time around.

Inside, there were some wonderful finds. If you like your pickles and dips, head straight for Marinella’s. Her aubergine in olive oil is divine, I tell you, di-vine, and she uses organic ingredients wherever possible, which of course tastes so much better (believe it, baby).

There were cakes and bakes and chickpea fudge (mmm…) and the most beautiful macaroons from Top Nosh Caterers (and I’m not even a sweet-tooth!). And, if it had been a little closer to lunchtime, the falafel stand near the back would definitely have caught me (the sauces looked amazing).

You could even have your chakras rebalanced, or have your fortune read, if that took your fancy.

Kalk Bay Books had a little stand, with a fabulous selection of ‘green’ books – everything from The Omnivore’s Dilemma (Michael Pollan) to organic gardening books, sustainable living guides and more.

I wasn’t in a book-buying mood, but I can never find what I want in one place at the bigger bookstores, so knowing that these guys have such a great selection of the kind of books I like to read means I’ll definitely be popping into the shop sometime soon.

Unfortunately, one couldn’t get up to the balcony for the whale-spotting view I’d hoped to see, but even if that issue doesn’t get cleared up, I think this little market definitely has potential.

The quality of the goods is outstanding and the variety, even in what is a relatively small area, was well managed. I hope that the locals cotton on to this market, and those of us who can get there on a Sunday, do so… because I could definitely see myself making this a regular lazy Sunday morning treat!

The Kalk Bay Fresh Etc Market will be held once a month on a Sunday (10am-3pm) at the Kalk Bay Community Centre. For more info contact Erica 021-788-8088 (O/H) 083-332-9785, or ericak [at]

The centre is a small blue Art Deco-style building sandwiched between the Save Our Seas Shark Centre building and a pub called the Rose and Crown, facing directly onto Main Road, Kalk Bay (on the RHS if you approach Kalk Bay from the Muizenberg side).


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