Every 3 months, Kloovenburg Estate (Riebeek Kasteel) holds a seasonal market day on the estate grounds.

On Saturday 19 September 2009 Kloovenburg Wine and Olive Estate will be hosting our third seasonal Market Day from 08h30 in the morning to 15h00 in the afternoon. This spring-inspired Market Day will again have a variety of stalls on offer, displaying the finest fresh produce from the Valley and Surrounds.

From Fresh Fruits and Veggies to Local Meats, Homemade Breads, Free Range Eggs and Poultry, Cheeses, farm-styled boerwors, droewors and biltong and even beautiful homeware and herbs – the Kloovenburg Spring Market Day will have it all.

As per usual we will also be showcasing our ever-expanding range of wine and olive products including all our new 2009 white wine vintage and the 2009 Kloovenburg White From Red Brut. Light meals and wines by the glass will be on hand so bring your family and friends and come and enjoy the best food, wine, fresh produce and hospitality that the Riebeek Valley has to offer.

DATE: 19 September 2009
TIME: 08h30-15h00
VENUE: Kloovenburg Wine & Olive Estate – Riebeek Kasteel

For more information on Kloovenburg, please contact Kloovenburg on info@kloovenburg.com or Tel 022 4481 635 or visit their web site on www.kloovenburg.com.

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