Knead Bakery

A friend of mine recently gave me a ‘headsup’ about a brand new bakery in the city bowl.

Now I don’t tend to get too excited about bread and pastries, because I’m one of those sorry souls who’s ‘wheat intolerant’ and therefore can’t (or shouldn’t) indulge in too much of it, but this bakery sounds like just what the city needs.

It’s called ‘Knead Bakery’, and as the name implies, they have a very hands-on approach to bread-making.

They make what they call ‘artisan bread’ – bread that has been carefully made, by hand, by an artisan craftsperson trained in the art of mixing, fermenting, shaping and baking a loaf of bread.

“Crusty, rounded, slashed by hand and baked directly on the floor of the oven…”

I’m drooling already.

I’ve not been there myself, as yet, but as my friend has not stopped talking about that loaf of rye, I have no doubt I’ll be stopping in there some time soon.

You can find Knead Bakery in Wembley Square, Mackenzie Street, Gardens.

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