Greyton in June, Autumn ColoursThe Wacky Wine Weekend was on this weekend in the Robertson Valley, to which, no doubt, half of Cape Town set off (as is their wont).

Judging by the huge crowds at the various festivals I’ve been to this year (the Cheese Festival and the Riebeek Valley Olive Festival in particular), Capetonians are becoming ever bigger fans of things gustatory and will drive miles to get it.

Even that miserable excuse for an oyster festival out in Durbanville was so packed that they were turning folks away at the gate.

This time, though, I decided not to follow the crowds and instead sought out a quieter spot to spend the weekend: Greyton, a small riverside village tucked away in the atmospheric mountains of the Overberg.

Von Gesaus Chocolate, GreytonGood friends of mine have a place there, so accommodation was sorted, though the town’s information centre does have a very helpful and friendly staff who can help you find something pretty easily if need be.

It’s a quiet place, generally, and there isn’t that much on the go there, which is precisely why I chose it this time around…

Well, okay, that and the fact that ever since my last visit, some time last year, I’d been craving (and talking about, incessantly) the divine and delectable Caffe Mocha served up by the chocolatiers at Von Gesau‘s ‘La Petit Chocolat’.

There – I admitted it.

Actually, it’s called ‘chocochino’ on the menu, but I find that word so ridiculous and unworthy of this incomparable beverage that I simply refuse to use it! (so there!).

No powdered chocolate for these guys – no sir – this is the real deal. Belgian chocolate all the way, baby, and it’s so unbelievably decadent that I find myself even now harbouring thoughts of driving out there simply to indulge in another cup of the stuff. Yikes.

Cafe Mocha, mmmmmTo further this alarmingly addictive trend, ‘La Petit Chocolat’ has a range of superb eats and treats, like these heart-shaped shortbread biscuits (R18), mouth-watering ‘dark chocolate fudge sandwiches’ (R25), and these ‘choc chunk peanut butter cookies’ (R22) – all of which I initially bought as gifts, but are in great danger of rapid consumption, as my resistance ever so swiftly crumbles…

As if that weren’t enough, bars of pure Belgian chocolate in a variety of flavours and colours, line the shop’s shelves, threatening to tempt even more money out of your lustful little paws.

Munch, munch, munch.

Thus it was that my former chocolate craving escalated to the status of addiction, and I fear that once I have made my through my treats-that-once-were-gifts (but-now-serve-a-higher-purpose) I am simply going to have to head on back there, and get my fix once again.

Greyton is about an hour and a half’s drive from Cape Town, off the N2. Useful websites:, Check out the weekly morning market at 10am on Saturdays (fresh produce, organic goodies and crafts – and a chance to see the who’s who of Greyton hang out in the great outdoors). Coming up soon is the Greyton Winter Festival (15-17 June)

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