Ricks CafeI’ve been frequenting Rick’s Cafe in Gardens since it first opened up some time last year.

I spent most of that summer sipping frosty cocktails in the outside section, a cosy cushion-covered nook that’s very conducive to hours (and hours) of mellow lounging.

At that stage it was pretty quiet, and you could usually get a table just by pitching up. But word has definitely got out – the last few Fridays I’ve been there, the place has been buzzing!

Named after the establishment at the centre of the movie classic, Casablanca, Rick’s Cafe is beautifully decorated, with a strong Moroccan theme to all of its finishings… As a result, it has a rather decadent feeling about it, which I enjoy immensely!

It even has a piano, though presently it seems to be more decorative than functional, and I doubt anyone will be asked to ‘play it again, Sam’.Moroccan Style Light

The food at Rick’s is superb, and quite varied, much of it keeping within the Moroccan theme (try their tagine some time – it’s delicious!). I almost always have their hot chilli poppers to get the evening off to a flaming start.

They’ve just opened up the ‘loft’, a very funky upstairs lounge all decked out with luxurious sofas and wooden tables that’s perfect for cosy gatherings, or (even more fun) a private party complete with champagne and nibbly bits.

The colours are rich, the music evocative and the staff are some of the friendliest I’ve encountered in the city.

You can find Rick’s Cafe on Park Road (just off Kloof St) in Gardens.

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