Tucked into this week’s People’s Post was a flyer advertising a new market, the ‘Pre-Loved Market’, coming soon:

“We are an indoor market where you can trade your gently used goods for cash.

This innovative market offers an easy way to convert your excess goods into cash and make a huge profit, with minimal outlay of money or effort.

Grab this opportunity and join us as a stallholder and have a fun and profitable day. Reclaim your garage or storage space and have a good time with fellow stallholders.

Pre Loved MarketAn interesting twist on an age-old tradition of passing on used goods (with the hope of some remuneration for it)… Instead of sounding grungy, though, the choice of ‘gently used’ and ‘pre-loved’ makes it seem more appealing, somehow.

Whether the goods for sale will be more appealing in the proverbial flesh, though, remains to be seen.

There’s no information on the flyer regarding the dates or whereabouts of the Pre-Loved Market, and the website address provided is not yet up and running (hmmmpf!), but I have contacted them using their email address (which hopefully does work!), and will publish those details if and when I get them.


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