Madame Zingara RestaurantAnyone who’s ever had the pleasure of visiting Madame Zingaras and sister restaurant Cara Lazuli will share my dismay when hearing that both have been totally gutted by fire.

What magical places they were!

When I was last at Zingaras, I feasted upon beef fillet with dark chilli-chocolate sauce (bring on the salivation!) and was treated to a display of Uri Geller-esque fork-warping (I still have the bent fork).

It was a beautiful place, full of magic and mystery and some of the most amazing food I have ever tasted.

Cara Lazuli, right next door, has (had!) a more Moroccan theme, with piles of fresh spices exuding potent aromas, and rose petals strewn around the restaurant. They provided bowls of rose water in which to wash one’s hands, and the Moroccan tagines were outstanding.

I shall miss both places very very much.

Interestingly, a similar thing happened back in 2004, but firefighters managed to halt the blaze that time around. Not so lucky this time, I guess.

Keep an eye on the Zingara website for updates.

Madame Zingara and Cara Lazuli are situated on 192 Loop Street, Cape Town. Tel: Madame Zingara (021) 426-2458, Cara Lazuli (021) 426-2351.

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