Sad news on the farmers’ market front. It seems that the Constantia Valley Farmers’ Market, usually on every Saturday morning at the 3Arts Centre in Diep River/Plumstead, has now closed its doors.

The reason given by organisers (to the traders at the market) was that there weren’t enough people coming to make it worth their while continuing…

I hadn’t been for a little while, but every time I did go there seemed to be plenty of people there. Anyway, whatever the cause, it’s a pity, as its indoor location meant it might have been one of the all-weather markets that get us through the bleak winter time!

And whilst it wasn’t my favourite market in terms of ambience, it had quite a variety of products, and was easy to pop into to top up on various bits and pieces.

So, it will be missed.

Some alternatives in the area, if you’re looking for other markets to fill the gap, are the lovely outdoor Porter Estate Produce Market in Tokai and the fresh-vegetable-laden Timour Hall Rd Organic & Biodynamic Market in Plumstead.


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