During October 1989, Mrs Deleine Terreblanche, and a group of ladies organised the first Montagu Rose Show. To celebrate the 21st Show, the committee is planning a Rose Festival, instead of the usual rose Show! This event will take place in the Museum Hall on the corner of Kohler and Long Streets.

The theme of this festival is: “We are celebrating”.

The Cut Rose section will remain the same (as it was judged in the past), but the actual judging of the flower arrangements will be done by the public attending the festival! The three favourite arrangements will then be the festival winners! Only then will the results be published.

On public demand, and seeing that is is a Rose Festival, all arrangements will contain lots of roses.

Simultaneous to the festival, an Art Exhibition by one of Montagu’s most talented sons, Conrad Theys, will take place in the same hall. Conrad Theys was born in Montagu in 1950. He is a pupil of the well-known artist Gregoire Boonzaier and is the President of the South African Arts Association. He is an artist of landscapes, portraits and still-life. He works in oil, pastels as well as water colour, ink-wash, pencil charcoal and various graphic media. His work is found in a multitude of local and international collections and he has exhibited extensively.

For more details please contact Mariè van Deventer +27 23 614 3023 or 078 609 5738 or Nelda Wiese +27 23 614 3279.


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