Relish RestaurantSo last night I went to a Geek Bloggers Dinner at the trendy Relish restaurant and bar (yes, I am indeed part geek, though definitely not of the calibre of most people present at that particular gathering).

It was good fun – and very inspiring for someone who’s relatively new on the blogging scene. I met some fascinating people, and drank some great red wine (free, too – thanks, Stormhoek!).

What was less exciting was the food, which surprised me, seeing as they make a big point of highlighting the restaurant’s name, and its definition:

“Relish. To savour a moment or flavour”, says owner Richard Walsh,
quoting the dictionary definition. “It just seemed to fit!”

I ordered the ‘chicken, prawn & rice noodle salad, mango, honey, coconut & sesame dressing’, because it sounded absolutely mouth-watering. And it did look delectable when it arrived. Sadly, though, either they forgot the dressing entirely, or just don’t make it very tasty, because it was pretty boring after all that.


But, that doesn’t mean I won’t be back. It’s a groovy spot, and I’ll definitely be trying out a few cocktails in the upstairs section some time soon.

You can find Relish at 70 New Church Street, Gardens.

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