In the latest edition of Shared Earth (out now in selected CNA’s and Exclusive Books), in one of what has become a series of articles on farmers’ markets, I highlighted the Constantia Waldorf Market– one of my favourite markets in C ape Town.

Because of the nature of the article, which is a general sweep of several markets, in various locations around the country, I couldn’t spend too much time on individual stall holders, other than to highlight my favourite fresh produce (the focus) and make a few recommendations.

This means that sometimes I don’t get to focus on people who really are offering a fantastic service, above and beyond the confines of the market itself.

One of these people is Henrike of Natural Organic Life.  This busy lady not only runs a lovely stall at the Constantia market, but also provides an efficient online service for those who can’t get there on Friday mornings. Natural Organic Life stocks more than 450 natural and organic products – everything from organic flours and wheat/gluten-free products to eco-nappies, essential oils,  and earth-friendly household cleaning products.

Not only are her prices very good (generally below retail outlet level), but delivery costs are reasonable as well, ranging from R29 to R55 for post-office delivery (throughout South Africa) and from R35 to R85 for courier dispatch.

I really like that it is becoming easier and more affordable to live an eco-friendly natural life – and I believe in supporting individuals and small businesses like Natural Organic Life, and anyone else promoting an earth-friendly lifestyle (without making you pay through the nose for it)!

Visit to find out more, or to order a batch of natural and organic treats.

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