It’s good to see some concrete steps being taken to make big companies like banks more eco-friendly and less energy-draining.  Nedbank, already carbon neutral and making strides in the ‘green’ direction, has just opened its first partially wind-powered bank branch in Du Noon:

Powered by a Kestrel e300i 1kW wind turbine which converts wind energy into electricity, renewable clean energy is supplied to the branch and reduces the consumption of electricity from the national grid. In addition, clean energy is stored to supply the branch during any power failures, ensuring business continuity…

As a result of the installation of the wind turbine, this pilot site is predicted to enjoy a reduction of up to 35% in its electricity bill thanks to the production of an average of 7.8kWh of wind-powered electricity per day. In the case of a power failure the branch will continue to maintain its power through a battery tank for at least two hours. It will further save 2.7 tons of greenhouse gases from being emitted into the atmosphere every year and 2.8 tons of coal from being burned every year.

“This highly innovative wind-powered initiative is not only good for the environment, but it also cuts electricity consumption costs and reduces pressure on Eskom’s national grid network,” explains Thomas.

Significantly, wind power consumes no fuel and emits no air pollution, unlike traditional fossil fuel power sources.

“As we strive to lead as a green and caring bank we are continually looking for ways to extend this positioning and encouraging environmentally-friendly and sustainable business practices throughout South Africa.”

Nedbank became Africa’s first carbon neutral financial organisation in 2009 and maintained its carbon neutrality in 2010.

Here’s to even more banks and large institutions following suit.

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