Cape Homemakers Expo 2008On my way home from a relaxing long weekend hunting for wildflowers in the Biedouw Valley and surrounds (more on that soon), I spotted posters for the Cape Homemakers’ Expo – on at the Cape Town International Convention Centre over the next four days (28-31 August 2008).

Now, whilst I don’t generally get terribly excited by these kinds of indoor exhibitions, I thought that perhaps, just perhaps, this year’s show might include some handy tips on how to live a better, greener life (rather than just being about buying pretty stuff, and more stuff to go with that pretty stuff…) and that that might just tempt me to go.

So, to their website I did surf, and was very pleasantly surprised to find out that instead of a random smattering of green initiatives (which tends to be the case), this year’s event will host an entire section dedicated to ‘Green Living’!

One of the highlights at this year’s Expo will be the brand new Green Living area. This dedicated space will showcase companies that specialise in interior and exterior home related, environmentally friendly products and services, and will be divided into three separate areas.

Recreate Green will display products and designs that has to do with all forms of recycling (energy, water, building materials etc). Decorate Green will create a platform for companies specialising in eco friendly designs, re-used décor and interior or exterior finishes. Illuminate Green will showcase innovative and energy saving designs & products. (more)

Brilliant!  So, I have decided to go and check it out on Friday morning, and will report back as soon after that as I can.  Perhaps I’ll see you there…

The 2008 Cape Homemakers’ Expo is on at the CTICC from 28-31 August.  Tickets are sold at the door and cost R45 for adults, R30 for pensioners, and kids under 12 are free.  The Expo opens every day at 10am and closes at 9pm (except for the 31st, when it closes at 6pm).  More about the ‘Green Living’ area here.


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