Daddy-o co-working office spaceAre you an entrepreneur or start-up looking for shared office space? We’ve just discovered a new co-working office environment in Woodstock’s trendy Biscuit Mill.

The publicity describes Daddy.o as a modern business club, offering unique and flexible shared office space that provides a sense of community and business synergy for independent professionals. In case you’re wondering about the unusual name – Daddy.o – it’s because it’s brought to you by Cape Town’s iconic Daddy’s brand, creators of The Old Biscuit Mill and Woodstock Exchange, amongst others.

Why we like it

We like it because we believe work should be sociable and should happen in a pleasant environment. We also like that people are taking care to create workspaces that promote creativity and connectedness. It’s the new way of working! If MotherCityLiving ever gets big enough to need an out-of-home office, this is going to be a venue we’ll take a look at. Oh, and we like the colourful cushion things in the pic. Now if there is good coffee anywhere in the vicinity it will seal the deal!

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