Green Drinks Newlands, as so many of you know, is a monthly gathering of greenies and interested parties at the lovely Josephine Mill.  This year, the gatherings are broadly themed into the elements, and May’s theme is ‘Water’.

An important topic, to be sure, and the line-up looks interesting, as always.

Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG)
Jessica Wilson explains how access to water and sanitation in Cape Town is a tale of two cities. How do we use the characteristics inherent in water – cohesion, flow, adaptability – to understand and help improve water service provision in our divided city? Thoughts on this question will be presented using water and climate change work that EMG has been engaged with over the past few years.

Justin Friedman introduces the For Love of Water (FLOW) Campaign that aims to to instil a deep appreciation, understanding and respect for water. Raising awareness of water quality and quantity challenges on both a local and national level, while providing practical solutions to ensure that all are provided with clean safe fresh water.

Jerome Davis talks on aqua-solutions that include natural swimming pools, grey water recycling, energy optimisation and total water management. Ponds, mountain pools and wetlands are re-created using biological innovation, authentic bio-mimicry, high aesthetics, obsession with detail and design creativity.

Josiah Mpofu shares his perspective on the positive steps that SAB is taking to conserve water and reduce demand. In particular a relationship with WWF in the catchment, the exploration of the recycling of waste water (here and in Ibhayi), the reduction of consumption in the production process and the acknowledgement of water in the Newlands – the springs in particular.

Thomas Cousins and co-adventurers share their plan to paddle from Muizenberg to Milnerton via the waterways of the Cape Flats on May 23. This has never been done before (in terms of the modern city’s built infrastructure). The aim is to highlight the importance of healthy rivers in the life of the city by drawing attention to the human and ecological dimensions of the rivers and canals that we will travel along. They will interview residents, community groups, environmental activists, city officials and ecologists; conduct water quality tests and audits of sections of the rivers; and, by having the media at various points, contribute to public debate on how we would like to re-vison the river as a feature of city life.


Monday 17 May 2010.  From 6.30pm.   Map and further details:

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