The organisers of the Nitida ‘Degustazione’ Farmers Market in Durbanville have launched a new evening version of the lovely food market.

Now, in addition to the morning market, held on the last Saturday morning of every month, there is also a ‘sunset market’ which takes place the evening before. Both markets are now held at Cassia Restaurant rather than down on the lawn below.

From what I gather, the focus of the Friday evening market is on live music, prepared food and a chance to socialise and catch up with friends. The Saturday morning market is equally sociable, but with a stronger emphasis on fresh produce and the opportunity to stock up on staples.

I love the idea of night markets – they’re such a wonderful, laid-back way for people to gather without the formal environment of a restaurant. I haven’t yet been to this new Nitida offering, but I look forward to trying it out soon!

The evening market is on every last Friday of the month from 5pm to 9.30pm (EXCLUDING WINTER MONTHS).

For more information, visit Nitida’s website, or contact Getha on 083 651 0699.

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