Oh. Man. I’m in stitches. Is it just my whacky sense of humour or is PETA losing the plot?

Either they’re completely loony, or very clever… One thing’s for sure, though: they’re certainly likely to get the attention they want, and I will be looking twice at my fishy friends from now on (before howling with laughter and tucking right in).

That said, however bizarre I find the tactic, I definitely do support the idea behind it – that of keeping our fishing sustainable, and reducing overall consumption – but I don’t think cutting out fish completely from our diets is realistic.

Instead, let’s just make sure we pick only fish and other seafood that’s on the SASSI (Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative) ‘Green List‘ and avoid those on the ‘Orange‘ (over-exploited) and especially the ‘Red‘ (illegal) list.

Check out SASSI’s website to find out which sea kittens are which.



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