Constantia Country Living MarketThis morning, posters lining the M3 into town reminded me that tomorrow is the date of the next Constantia Country Living Craft Market.

I’ve written about it before, but the first one was, unfortunately, cancelled because of a rather nasty September downpour, setting its debut back by a month.

However, the weather this weekend looks somewhat more amiable, so there’s no excuse to miss the new market that offers ‘classic crafts and food from the earth, for the body, mind and soul’.

The craft market has new (more sensible) times as well, starting at 9am instead of crack-of-dawn 8am, and running until 4pm. May as well get that there inevitable Christmas shopping in early this year.

Did I just say the ‘C’ word? Humblest apologies for any traumatic response that utterance may have caused.

The Constantia Country Living Craft Market will be held on the 3rd Saturday of every month at the Cape Academy (Firgrove Way, Constantia).

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