Cape Town International Comedy Festival

If you haven’t yet been to the Cape Town International Comedy Festival, and have no plans to do so, you will, most definitely, be missing out.

I was lucky enough to go to the opening night at the Main Arena, good friends of mine went to Queercom, and buddies of a colleague went to the Danger Zone.

All of us laughed our asses off.

It’s the kind of comedy that leaves a long and lasting impression.

Unfortunately, the lines that sounded so funny coming from a comedian somehow never sound quite so clever when you’re trying them for yourself, but try you will, nonetheless. Repeatedly.

If for no other reason, go and see the Wet Spots:

The Wet Spots (Cass King and John Woods) are a musical sex comedy duo who write sophisticated lyrics paired with sweet, catchy melodies. Their musical repertoire is inspired by the risque satirical songs of Monty Python, South Park, Tenacious D and musical comedy legend Rusty Warren. They are known for their lively shows, which include sing-alongs, spankings, and bawdy sex-ed. (website)

Lively indeed… I will never forget their Hawaiian ‘licky-licky’ song, ever. They’re on at the Main Arena show, and apparently also at Queercom.

There’s not much time left, though, unfortunately, as the festival draws to a close this weekend, but if you can, go and check it out. It really is worth the R100 for the ticket.

The Cape Town International Comedy Festival is on until 24 September 2006 at various venues in the city. Tickets cost R100, except the Best Of Fest, which costs R120.

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