Kalk Bay just gets better and better…

I already love going to this ‘bohemian’ seaside village for the funky little shops jostling for attention on the main drag, and the various sit-down eateries, bars and coffee shops where you can while away the hours, watching the waves crash against the rocks.

And now there’s a fabulous new day-time attraction that I suspect will bring me there even more often…

Kassia & Figg is a brand new addition to Kalk Bay’s eclectic mix of entertainments.

It’s a take-away spot with a difference: no junk food here – this stuff is seriously delectable, and made from the best (and mostly free range and/or organic) ingredients.

If you’re planning on eating something (believe me, once you’ve seen what’s there, you will be hungry) you choose something from the treats on display and pay for it at the counter.

Then you can either take it away, to eat later (hah! I dare you to try…) or grab some utensils and start nibbling pleasurably at leisure.

Seating is available both inside the shop itself or outside in a lovely airy courtyard.

Even if you’re not planning on eating (and are more resolute than I), it’s a shop, too, and is full of beautiful creations – everything from preserves to tea cosies – all wonderfully presented and, in my opinion, reasonably priced (particularly considering their quality).

Now I should admit here that I do know the owners of the place – quite well – but I think regular readers will know by now that I’m not given to raving about a place if I don’t whole-heartedly (okay, okay – my stomach has something to do with it too) believe it to be fantabulous.

And it is fantabulous.

Besides, these guys have a history of phenomenal catering… they used to run the Jonkershuis Restaurant in Groot Constantia, until about four years ago. I don’t know what the place is like now, but in those days the food was always amazing. Enough said.

So, next time you’re in Kalk Bay, do yourself and your tastebuds a favour and stop in at Kassia & Figg for a cuppa and a treat.

But, beware: you might, like me, find yourself thereafter day-dreaming about pistachio-dusted meringues that melt on your tongue… (uh oh, drool you will).

See you there!

More details:
The Kassia & Figg shop/eatery is located in Dalebrook Place, next to the Rose & Crown pub, opposite Dalebrook Tidal Pool. It’s on the Muizenberg side of Kalk Bay, before you hit the main shops. Kassia & Figg is open daily (except Mondays) from morning until around 6pm. I don’t have contact details at this stage, but will update as soon as I have them!


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