Some exciting news out of Stellenbosch…

Oude Libertas Stellenbosch Reinvented as a stage for Food, Wine, Theatre & Creative arts
The Oude Libertas Stellenbosch is being reinvented to showcase the very best of the region’s food, wine, culture, theatre and creative arts. The Distell Arts & Culture department is relocating to the Oude Libertas estate from where it will continue and expand its vital work to develop the creative and performing arts in South Africa.

As part of this vision the ‘Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market’ will be moving from its current location in Bosman’s Crossing to the Oude Libertas Estate from the 5th of September 2009.

Local musicians and live bands all supported by the Distell Foundation, will be performing during market hours.

All our much loved producers have been accommodated at the new venue and we have plenty of new producers with delicious gourmet.

I always liked the courtyard feel of the SFGM, but I think a less urban environment will be very conducive to hanging about and enjoying your foodie finds, so I’m interested to see how they’ll be setting out the market at the new venue.

Hearth FairThere’s more, though:

As part of the Slow Food International movement the ‘Slow Food Stellenbosch’ convivium will create a restaurant (at Oude Libertas) where fresh, local and seasonal food will be on the menu during the week. Delectable picnics will be available seven days a week and can be enjoyed on the lawns in the piazza.

Rock on!  What a fabulous idea… and summer picnics are the bomb – I can’t wait!

Oh, and one more thing:  the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market will also be launching a new addition in the form of a monthly designer-ware fair – the Hearth Fair.

We are incorporating “The Hearth Fair” on the first Saturday of every month which is a market for “hot off the press’ designer goods and fashion operated by Rhetha Erickson creative director.

Slightly strange name, in my opinion, but I love the sound of a monthly opportunity to check out what our talented local designers are getting up to.

The Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market takes place every Saturday morning from 9am-2pm (check with the website first, though!).  The new Hearth Fair launches this Saturday 5 September 2009, and will thereafter be held on the first Saturday of every month. To find out more call 072 416 4890.

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