Peregrine Farm Stall BrandingThe Peregrine Farm Stall in the Elgin Valley is a familiar landmark on the N2 between Cape Town and Hermanus. I used to visit fairly often, even before I became so obsessed with all things organic, and always enjoyed the variety of quality foodstuffs on offer.

But I haven’t been for some time, and hadn’t really felt tempted enough to return. Not because I don’t like the place but because when I do hit the N2 I’m usually on my way to Greyton, and there are only so many stops one wants to make after dealing with that horrific Somerset West traffic heading out of town.

Out of the four interesting farm stalls in the relatively short distance between Cape Town and the Greyton turn-off (Elgin Farm Stall, Peregrine, Houw Hoek and Dassiesfontein), I find the eclectic co-op style Dassiesfontein the most entertaining (stop there for breakfast in winter – they have the most hilarious fireplace!), so I don’t end up stopping at Peregrine very often anymore.

But, during my internet trawling yesterday, I discovered that Peregrine has just rebranded itself, with a strong focus on things natural and organic:

“Whether it’s the last stop before you reach home, a Sunday afternoon drive destination or your padkos stop at the start of your journey, Peregrine has kept up its proud tradition of quality homemade fresh farm produce and warm country hospitality.

Taking advantage of the renewed interest in all things natural and organic, it was time to refresh Peregrine’s corporate identity to attract new customers while at the same time further entrenching the brand amongst its loyal following of customers and suppliers.” (link)

Their new labels are lovely! And, having belatedly realised that a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar recently given to me by a fellow organic-enthusiast bears exactly that branding, I am rather keen to go and have a looksee for myself (the vinegar is delicious).

I guess it’s time to plan another weekend in Greyton… (thank heavens for the homes of family friends)!

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