Well, I never did get to the Kalk Bay Fish Fare (it was pissing with rain – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). Seems not even the allure of the Giant Alligator Jumping Castle was enough to tempt me out of my cosy room. So much for my spirit of adventure

Urban SproutBut, waste time I did not. Being a wet and generally grey weekend outdoors I ended up doing quite a bit of surfing indoors – web-surfing, that is – and found me two really great websites.

First up: Urban Sprout. I’m a sucker for catchy names, and this certainly qualifies. But there’s more there than just a memorable url – this is a Cape Town-based blog about things organic, one of my favourite subjects.

It covers all the things I’d love to write about, but haven’t the know-how, nor the hands-on experience.

A regular feature that I quite like is ‘greening it up‘, a series of articles highlighting topics like the benefits of drinking rBST milk, or questions surrounding the Dept of Environmental Affairs and the money it’s supposed to be spending (and probably isn’t) on setting up plastic buy-back centres, plus many other ‘green’ issues affecting South Africans (and the rest of the world).

Cherry PickaIt’s through Urban Sprout that I then found out about CherryPicka.com, an innovative new site (also South African) that is ‘part virtual shop, part blog site that allows you to buy test tickets to try out the showcased brands, and then share the review of your experience with the rest of us’.

You sign up to become a ‘cash test dummy’, pay reduced prices on showcased brands, and then review the products once you’ve given them a whirl.

Great concept – I’m certain it will do very well indeed.

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