headsmall.jpgNot quite sure how I landed up on Apple South Africa’s mailing list, but I’ve just received an invitation to attend ‘Phofilmusigner‘, a ‘Free Creativity Event’ coming up on the 8th of March at Canal Walk.

Please join us for a Free Creativity Event, where you can drop in for seminars, hands-on training and your chance to speak with leading Apple experts.

This all-day event is broken down into three main sessions: video, audio and photography. You can register for a single session, or for more than one sessions. The choice is yours. Mix it up.

Phofilmusigner is a pro-sumer event that integrates the best of Apple professional applications to illustrate to creative individuals how they can make the most of their abilities. This event will combine showcases, workshops and presentations by world renown experts on Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Logic and Garage band.

Being an avid Apple fan I have decided to go ahead and sign up (gotta love flexi-time).

The photography workshop, in particular, has my attention, but I’m also rather fascinated by the idea of video and audio podcasting, so I’ve gone the whole hog and registered for the entire day.

Here’s hoping the uber enlightening experience unleashes a wealth of previously untapped creative potential. Hmmm… or something.

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