I love figs. LOVE figs.  Until this summer, though, I had no idea there were so many different types of figs. I thought a fig was a fig, was a fig.

Then, two friends and I started something called The Harvest Share, hoping to connect city dwellers with local farmers around Cape Town. We met Charles Ochse, who grows figs and peaches on Hoogwater Farm, near Wolseley, and persuaded him to set aside a portion of his export quality produce for fifty Harvest Share members.


Over the period of about two months, we received four batches of fruit – a different combination each time. It was seasonal eating at its best: each kind of fig ripened at a different time, so one week we’d have White Genoa figs, the next, red Evitas and Adam figs. We even got to try King figs, which were absolutely superb.

Anyway, long story short – it was great fun, and the figs from Hoogwater Farm are gobsmackingly delicious. The season is just about over, but if you missed out on Harvest Share, and are fig-crazy, there’s now an opportunity to go and gather your own:

This week we have seen a great number of figs ripening in our orchard. right now ALL the cultivars are carrying fruit and would be a great opportunity for the public to taste the different varieties side by side in the orchard. We are not harvesting so the trees are laden with ripe figs!

We will be open to the public during the week as well as Saturday from 07:00 till 10:00, until the season ends in mid April.

Entry costs R40/person, eat as much as you like and take home 1kg figs per person (that equates to two Very full punnets). Thereafter R3/punnet.   Children in primary school enter/eat free (although no takeaways).

Anyone interested should arrive at the farm office to make payment, collect punnets and directions. Figs are sprayed only with organic pesticides.

Hoogwater Farm is located about an hour and a half from Cape Town (Google Map) – and if you’re a fig fan, definitely worth the trip.  Full directions are posted here.

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