I really do like this initiative – a virtual wall of seedlings that will soon become actual seedlings, planted in food gardens around the country…

The Virtual Living Wall has been created by the Woolworths Trust in honour of World Food Day, happening this coming Sunday, 16th October 2011.

For every virtual seedling planted, the Woolworths Trust will donate an actual plant to a South African school with an EduPlant permaculture food garden. Just choose your plant  and add your name. It’s fun, it’s free, and it makes a difference in the real world.

Go to www.woolworthslivingwall.co.za to plant your virtual seedling for free.

It is, in usual Woolworths style, very well presented, and it’s fun to see your own name appended to the plant you’ve chosen (plus the feel-good factor of knowing that your seedling will find its way into a food garden somewhere out there).

PS you can opt out of receiving additional info from Woolworths if you prefer (in fact, it’s the default setting).


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