Green Your Search and start planting trees!We’re all (hopefully) looking for ways in which to reduce our carbon footprint.  We have to, or we’ll start running out of resources on this beautiful planet of ours.

It’s not always easy to find practical ways to go about it (not everyone has the time or resources to plant a whole bunch of trees, for example), but now anyone who uses the internet has no excuse – all you have to do is Green Your Search.

Green Your Search is a carbon-neutral search engine recently launched by local natural products suppliers, Faithful to Nature, and here’s why they created it:

  • Searching the internet is becoming one of the most common usages of time in today’s cultures and all the billions of searches combined use up a lot of electrical energy.
  • Google allows its users to create customised search engines that provide search results from Google itself.
  • By creating a customised search engine of their own, Faithful to Nature can track how many searches have been done.
  • It costs R70 for Food & Trees for Africa to plant a tree;  for every 1500 searches done on Faithful to Nature will donate R70 to Food and Trees for Africa to plant a tree.

What a brilliant idea – a completely effortless way for us to reduce our carbon footprint, whilst doing what we do anyway!

So, if you’re keen to lessen the impact of your web-surfing – and want a dose of that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping to populate the world with lots more carbon-munching water-retaining trees – it’s time to start using


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