Red MagazineIt’s pretty clear that ‘green’ is going mainstream.

On an international level, both Time Magazine and Fortune have recently published green editions, and here at home a number of local magazines have just had ‘green/eco-issues’ (Good Taste Magazine, the latest edition of Pick’n’Pay’s Fresh Living, last month’s The Gardener, to name just the ones I’ve seen myself).

Well, I’ve already written about two new magazines that are entirely dedicated to things green (not just an issue or a section) – Shared Earth and Simply Green – but all good things come in threes, it would seem, because there’s yet another one on the cards… and it’s launching this weekend.

It’s called “Red – The Green Magazine“:

In line with this new world focus, red represents our funky take on the serious issue of living green. We can each contribute to saving the planet by starting with ourselves – at home and in our communities. At red, we aim to make a difference, and our philosophy lies in our activist, red approach, to this green issue. We are convinced that the title in itself will draw consumers to pick up the magazine and read it.

At red, whether we are playing, working or doing that which we have been set on this planet to do – live quality lives as individuals – we strive for balance within the body, between human and nature, and among all people.

This publication is aimed at providing the reader with mainstream scientific, realistic and humorous articles written by a variety of medical, organic, holistic and green experts. Additionally, we provide consumer options, in the shape of attractive advertising, which will facilitate choices leading to greater harmony in and around our bodies. We hope that the red approach, will draw much attention to the 21st century dilemma.

The scope of editorial articles and advertisements will range from nutrition, childcare, wellness, getaways and anything related to living the truly good life. The editorial stance at red will be to inform by providing excellent articles and to provide a whole range of options for consumers’ use, without advocating any specific product. Each advertiser will have the opportunity to use red as a vehicle for communicating how their product can create harmony, accord, stability and equilibrium in the lives of their consumers. At the same time, red will not hesitate to tell it as it is.

Sounds like a good variety of topics they plan to cover…  Of course, balancing advertising and ‘telling it as it is’ is a tricky business, particularly as this magazine is free (not subscription-based), but hopefully they will manage!

Whether we need as many as three separate green-issue-covering (paper-intensive) magazines on our shelves when there are already so many publications out there, is a matter for debate…

Still, they seem to have very different approaches, and any green magazine is better – in my treehugging opinion – than most of the ‘glossies’ and ‘gossip mags’ that take up so much space on the racks.

So I’ll definitely be checking all three out… at least initially, perhaps settling on a favourite further down the line.

Red Magazine will be launching tomorrow (4 October) at the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market, open from 9am to 2pm at Bosman’s Crossing Trading Village (Behind Oude Libertas in Stellenbosch).


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