Get Spring-inspi(red) at Spier Spier’s environs will soon be draped in brilliant shades of red, with the blossoming of 230 indigenous coral trees. In celebration of the event, and the arrival of spring, Spier will host its annual Red Week festival from Friday October 23rd to Saturday 31st.

According to African folklore, the coral tree is a tree of the wild but also of the people, in that it is often found next to historic kraals. The three points on the leaf symbolize the relationships between people and divinity; people and the soil; and people to other people. The coral tree in full bloom is a dynamic expression of beauty, and the natural bounty on which Spier as a wine estate relies. Red wine tastings will be a focus of the festivities, with limited offers, special tastings and unusual food pairings showcasing award-winning blends and single-cultivar wines.

Artistic installations decorated in red are sure to inspire discussion and debate. Last year a mass of red ribbons hung from the old slave bell, some saw this as a ‘crying bell’ – others interpreted it as the bloodshed of slavery. Red-spot specials at the luxury Spier Hotel will include a Red Revive package complete with dinner by candlelight, red wine and a red-related surprise.

Restaurants will incorporate red themes into the dishes, bringing delectable ruby and scarlet tones to the table or picnic fare. Further information can be found at, or telephone 021 809 1100 for stay-over specials and more.

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