Who knew that going the second-hand clothing could ever become the trendy thing to do… But now it seems that greening your wardrobe by exchanging clothes instead of buying brand new ones is becoming quite the in thing.

Fashion Exchange got things started locally by hosting events at different locations in the city.  You could go, take five items, exchange them for tokens, and then use those tokens to pick up five ‘new’ items.  Great concept, but I found the quality of the clothing on offer not that stellar, and the event itself a little lacking in lustre (I did only attend one, though, so I’m happy to be corrected on that score!)

rewardrobesaleNow, a new enterprise called Rewardrobe is doing things a little differently.  Like, Fashion Exchange, the shop will run every Saturday at the Old Biscuit Mill, in the Wilke photography studio, and they will also host events around the city, but instead of a straight exchange, you have the added incentive of making a bit of moolah from the sale of your garments.  Something which, in my opinion, is likely to make it more appealing, and the calibre of the items much better.

Here’s how it works:

  • You raid your wardrobe and find clothes you a) haven’t worn in ages, b) are willing to part with, and c) are still fit for wearing (try to stay objective on this one!)
  • You fill out a detailed stock inventory form and email a copy to the organisers (you get to choose your prices) before dropping your load of neatly hung or folded garments, along with a printed copy of the form, at one of their sales (you can also arrange a separate drop off).
  • Your garments will be tagged and put on the Rewardrobe rails for four sales. Anything not sold by the fourth sale will have its price halved to make sure it does sell. If it’s still hanging around after the last sale, you can either let it go and give it up for charity or, if seller’s remorse is biting, you can take it back and fondle it lovingly.
  • After the four sales, you get paid (minus the admin fees and 25% commission – this is a business, after all, and they have to pay for space, advertising and admin stuff).

I like this setup: everyone gets rewarded and rewardrobed, at very little cost to the planet. I hope it takes off. Rewardrobe will be having a sale in Rondebosch today from midday (until 2pm) at Cafe Sofia (Rondebosch Main), so if you’re in the ‘hood, pop in and take a look.

Rewardrobe will have sales every Saturday in the Wilke photography studio, in the Old Biscuit Mill complex (Salt River)
Website: www.rewardrobe.co.za
Contact: Adi on 083 462 6644 or Carron on 073 914 3737
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